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Re: javascript


From: John Farrie
Date: Aug 23, 2001 11:34AM

> [Paul] I tend to agree with you on this one, at least in principle. The
> reality is not quite so cut-and-dried though. Sometimes, the best browser
> for a particular person for a particular disability is a browser which
> doesn't support JavaScript, or which only supports it partially. This
> usually doesn't mean that the person absolutely MUST use this other
> but it means that it is BEST for this particular individual. If this
> wants, he or she could use a different browser, and turn the JavaScript
> but that would be a second-best solution. So, although I agree in
Bear in mind that someone might have had to purchase the browser/technology
that was most suitable for them, and if that set up doesn't support (or
fully support) javascript, they may not be in a position to invest in an
upgrade or purchase an alternative. People with disabilities are
discriminated against in that they don't usually qualify for the latest and
greatest free of charge. That benefit is just for the rest of us, and its
easy for us to forget that there may be cost implications.
Also bear in mind that someone might have spent a significant amount of time
or effort learning to use a particular set up. It might not be trivial for
them to change just because a different set up supports JavaScript.
John Farrie
Accessibility by Design