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Re: AccMonitor


From: Carol Foster
Date: Aug 27, 2003 8:08AM

Thanks for all the replies on this. Apologies for the confusion! More below
interspersed with some others' comments.


> Terence de Giere wrote:
> > Maybe you could clarify this question a bit. Did you mean:
> > are there versions that do not run on Windows platforms?
> > Linux? UNIX? SCO UNIX (which includes everything everyone has
> > ever written for UNIX)? Maybe Mr. Yonatis (the CEO of
> > HISoftware by the way) could clear up some points.

What I meant was that I do not think the REPAIR tools work on files generated
from ColdFusion, PHP, etc. I am not too interested in repair tools anyway at
this point. I had thought the repair tools were tied in to Microsoft products
such as Frontpage.

I am interested in the automatic checking tools, especially for large sites or
many sites. I realize they cannot do everything, but they could be a great help
in catching the common errors like missing alt text or broken links for sites
that would not get checked regularly if at all otherwise. I recall that
AccMonitor looked like the best fit for many sites and maybe AccVerify would
work for fewer sites, though I admit my memory is fuzzy (and I could not find
these details quickly online just now); please correct me if I'm wrong.

I have heard many wonderful things about these products, but mostly this has
come through HiSoftware, so *** I am very interested in hearing from others (not
referred from HiSoftware) who have used the verification/monitoring products for
a while ***. Just because in my experience it gives a different perspective.
No slight to HiSoftware. I have been to an online demo and have read the
articles they sent around. I will

I have also heard good thins about HiSoftware and its customer service, and my
personal experiences here have been good also.

I will definitely look into Robert Yonaitis' suggestion:

> Anyone should feel free to request demo software and take it for a test
> drive. There is no need for a slew of specialist or consultants to install
> our trial software.

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