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Re: <time> vs <abbr> vs <span>


From: Swift, Daniel P.
Date: Jun 28, 2017 7:03AM

The time tag isn't meant for users per-se. It's more about making software smarter ... for instance, if I use the time tag and include a date/time inside of that in a blog post, a search engine can better identify the freshness of content. This is just one example of usage.

To me, the time tag has nothing to do with accessibility but more about marking up content which is semantically correct.

Hope that helps!

Dan Swift
Senior Web Specialist
Enterprise Services
West Chester University

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Subject: [WebAIM] <time> vs <abbr> vs <span>

I'm wondering if the Accessibility community has comments regarding the usage of <time> elements in HTML. My basic testing revealed that screen readers don't seem to read them differently compared with <span> elements, but I may have missed a case or two.

Is there movement in the AT space towards relying on semantic elements like <time>?

>> Philip.