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Re: SC 1.2.2 and YouTube's auto captions


From: Tomlins Diane
Date: Jun 28, 2017 7:51AM

Jared wrote:
> By my interpretation, if the captions don't allow the user to understand the media content or don't convey the content of the spoken dialogue and non-dialogue audio, then they would not be conformant.
Measuring this definitively is a bit difficult, though it's clear that many (most?) YouTube auto-captions would not align with this definition.

This was my take as well when reading the SC, since so many of the captions I see are so far off. Fortunately the one in question for this one application is not terrible, but it's not completely accurate either. Thankfully it's also fairly short and there's no medical terminology involved. Auto captioning is really bad with that and with anyone with an accent.

Thanks for all of your input! :)

Diane R Tomlins
HCA IT&S | Digital Media
Accessibility SME