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Re: Using a Mouse with a Screen Reader - further Questions


From: Sarah Jevnikar
Date: Aug 30, 2017 8:28PM

Hi Joel,
Thanks for your thoughts. I'll try a mouse in the way you suggested and see how it goes. You raise a good point - screen layout has become more important in the age of the touch screen; why wouldn't the same be true of the laptop or pc?

To everyone - I'm curious though with the original problem: the mouse was giving different speech output to the tab key and links list. On iOS, touching the screen and moving my finger around without lifting it gave different results than swiping between elements.

Three questions arise
1. Why is this happening?
2. What can be done about it?
3. Is swiping between elements on a mobile device analogous to the tab order, and touching and moving without lifting one's finger equivalent to using a mouse?

Thank you so much

Sarah Jevnikar

Accessibility Consultant

Digital Echidna

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Hi Sara,

You asked if using a mouse with a screen reader is a viable test case.

Regardless of others opinions, I do believe it is.

I have had similar experiences as Jon Avila with non-screen reader users trying to test keyboard flows and that is one thing to consider.

As a full time screen reader user, I sometimes use the mouse tracking in NVDA and mouse echo feature in JAWS to gain orientation to screen layout.

I believe this will be a use case that will gain acceptance amongst daily screen reader users over time as these tools become more accurate and use is understood.
If I were to add this case to my testing methodology, I would draw a distinct difference between screen reader with keyboard and screen reader with mouse, ensuring the mouse tracking and mouse echo are off when keyboard testing.

== Joel Isaac

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Hi all,
I've been evaluating some accessibility tickets of potential WCAG level A failures, but the original tests were run with a mouse and a screen reader. I use a screen reader but can't use a mouse, and can't replicate the problems the original tests indicated. Is a screen reader user with a mouse a viable test case to explore? If a mouse user finds different results than a keyboard user, does this suggest a WCAG failure, as possibly a failure of 2.1.1? How might something like that be rectified?
Thank you for your help,