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Re: Site Check


From: Ben Morrison
Date: Sep 5, 2003 10:11AM

On 5/9/03 12:33 pm, "Holly Marie" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> A nice advantage that CSS has over table layout for pages is the ability
> to rearrange content for better readability[or linearize the delivery in
> optimal ways.] Tables are more or less fixed sequentially by the row by
> row, left to right delivery mode.
Yes that is my next priority. I was having problems with float left as
opposed to floating right to re-order the content.

> Have you seen this web page on ordering columns or items on a page?
> I thought it was an interesting set of online tools... plug in the way
> you want the page to display and it renders the CSS for the layout. I
> have not personally checked this tool's CSS output, but it might be
> handy or worth a try. There are notes on each tool one is fixed the
> other is float.
> http://www.fu2k.org/alex/css/layouts/3Col_NN4_FMFM.mhtml
> http://www.fu2k.org/alex/css/layouts/3Col_OrderedAbsolute.mhtml

It seems that they used CSS hacks, which I have avoided - apart from styling
nn4. I need to have any column be as long as needed and keep the footer at
the bottom of all the content.

Taken from:

Very interesting tool nonetheless.

> Other 3 column type layouts are linked at:
> http://css-discuss.incutio.com/?page=ThreeColumnLayouts
> Explaining maps in detail could be difficult.
> SVG, when supported, may help various users with maps. Low vision users
> will be able to zoom or enlarge maps without loss in image quality,
> because these are vector graphics. Text and map features on bmp type
> images(jpg,jpeg, etc..)will blur when enlarged, and may become unusable
> at needed levels of enlargement. Text can actually be embedded in the
> SVG graphic and delivered as text content.
SVG has many possibilities, shame about current browser support.

> Yes you need to provide an Alt and value for that image. For the user
> who cannot see it... they know there is a map, and maybe they would like
> to print it up for someone who may take them to the destination, or make
> others aware of the map on that page?
> alt="map showing Location of ... "
> alt="map of .... area"
That makes a lot of sense, its more about the way you approach what the end
user would like to do with the contents, rather than well they dont need to
see the map.

> holly
> good work and it is great to see that you made that conversion.

Thankyou, its been a struggle, but then again so was html to begin with.

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