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Re: Site Check


From: Holly Marie
Date: Sep 6, 2003 1:33AM

From: "Holly Marie"
The problem with this page was not in IE, but it was with Win 2K using
Firebird[0.6.1]. I will write John at PIE website or the CSS list and
see if others have this same issue. :)

The page if open more than about 100 pixels or almost a full sized
screen view [between 700px or wider] gets the bug. Very narrow pages do
not seem to have the problem. But getting focus off the window, or
closing the page via normal means is not possible or very hard[as the
mouse on the system does not seem to behave].

Since this is a very unusual bug, and only present in Firebird as I can
tell, it may not be a huge issue to a large amount of users. Though it
seems to be a good idea to check mouse and key functionality on pages
with various browsers.

> I keep meaning to check which layout of his or on his site causes IE
> get very buggy. Actually the OS gets buggy when loading the page. It
> only one particular one, that I noticed. And it only happens when it
> loaded in IE and not in Moz or other browsers, I believe. It has
> happened each time I loaded that particular CSS example. I checked
> source or CSS I thought, but not completely, and I was going to write
> him, but something happened and I had to leave the desk. It was bad
> enough that using WIN 2k, CTRL ALT DEL to force quit the IE browser
> not possible. What happened? The CSS on the page, and I did not see
> javascript involved, seized control of the mouse in such a way that
> could not move the mouse cursor anywhere by will or the functionality
> the mouse and its movement were shot. The cursor would move to odd
> areas, the memory on the system would be used to the max[page caused a
> memory link type situation], and changing focus onto other windows was
> near impossible, because getting control back on the cursor via mouse
> keyboard was very hard. If lucky, focus off that page and onto another
> window allowed the ability to force quit the IE instances through CTRL
> ALT DEL. It would have been helpful to move the cursor to the [x] to
> close the window, which would work if you could get it there. I wanted
> to bookmark that page, or write it down and see if others had the same
> problem.

Again this behavior was not in IE, but in Firebird[v 0.1.6]. I did not
try it in NN6, 7, or Mozilla, yet.
buggy page link: http://www.positioniseverything.net/threecolbglong.html


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