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Re: webaim-forum-d Digest V2003 #45


From: Big John
Date: Sep 7, 2003 12:56AM

> From: "Cheryl D. Wise"
> > You might want to take a look at the source ordered column layout at
> > http://positioniseverything.net if that one doesn't suit maybe one of
> > the other column layouts he has will work.

Holly Marie wrote:
> I keep meaning to check which layout of his or on his site causes IE to
> get very buggy. Actually the OS gets buggy when loading the page. It is
> only one particular one, that I noticed. And it only happens when it is
> loaded in IE and not in Moz or other browsers, I believe. It has
> happened each time I loaded that particular CSS example. I checked the
> source or CSS I thought, but not completely, and I was going to write
> him, but something happened and I had to leave the desk.

I believe it is the "Flag demo" that is the problem.

> It was bad
> enough that using WIN 2k, CTRL ALT DEL to force quit the IE browser was
> not possible. What happened? The CSS on the page, and I did not see any
> javascript involved, seized control of the mouse in such a way that one
> could not move the mouse cursor anywhere by will or the functionality of
> the mouse and its movement were shot. The cursor would move to odd
> areas, the memory on the system would be used to the max[page caused a
> memory link type situation], and changing focus onto other windows was
> near impossible, because getting control back on the cursor via mouse or
> keyboard was very hard.

I've discovered (thru Holly Bergevin) that it seems to be the BG on
the HTML element that is causing the buggy behavior. Odd, but not
important, because Douglas Livingstone has been doing incredible
work on much better ways to achieve the same type of full cols layout.

Frankly, my layout was fun to do, but is put into the shade by his
masterful use of css. It's awesome. Check this out:

He uses a box for the center col, and the side col BG's are actually
the side borders on the center col! Some really slick css tricks
position the col contents in their proper places.

If it's my Source Ordered Cols that are causing the bugs, then please
let me know, okay? It would be the first I've heard about it.
Big John

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