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Re: Accessible pagination?


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Nov 6, 2017 6:41AM

Just to offer another perspective, I do not think that this pattern is too verbose or problematic as a screen reader user. For me, too verbose is something like a group label for radio buttons that is a paragraph long. That tends to feel verbose. However, I know other screen reader users might feel differently.

My thought is that if you follow this pattern, someone using a screen reader would clearly get the idea that this part of the page is the pagination. I also think you could use only parts of this pattern and end up with something that might be accessible as well, but depending on what you do it might not be as clear to screen reader users who don't spend their days reviewing, discussing, and testing user interfaces like I do.

This is one of those situations where being able to test with real end users would help. You could find out if there are any major differences between patterns.
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I agree, identifying each link as "Page 1" etc makes it more difficult to
select the link from a links list ... They all begin with P instead of each
being uniquely first letter pickable by number. I'm not keen on the term
Pagination either, users are more likely to understand "Other pages" "more
results" or similar. The principle's good, but overdone.

having the

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I'm looking at this article: http://www.a11ymatters.com/pattern/pagination/

It seems like the author is suggesting extremely verbose pagination for
non-sighted users. This feels like a lot of extra noise to me, but I'm not
an AT user, so I really don't know. It seems like once you get into the
region, you'll know that the region is for pagination navigation (as per the
aria-label on the "ul" element). Is there really a need to label every one
of those "Goto Page X"? I could see an argument for "Page X", but even that
feels like unnecessary verbosity.

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