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Re: firefox and jaws with aria


From: Wolfgang Berndorfer
Date: Dec 22, 2018 10:21AM

I experience JAWS announcements from the buffer or even inactive windows
also quite often. Sometimes I miss announcements also, like it just
happened: ctrl + shift + arrow-up didn't read my text.
That's really annoying. But such problems are seldom to repeat or
reconstruct: Is it the OS, the AT or the application or the actual
combination of them that causes the problem?
I personally benefit from my possibility of visual control via
magnification, when my screen reader kneels down. But else when only if one
is used to such problems and quite fit to compensate, he or she recognizes
the change of context: Unadequate announcements, therefore press
alt+tabulator twice, jawskey+escape or anything like that to set up jaws
announcements again.
All such problems affect the effectiveness of AT. (Don’t ell anybody, who
considers to hire a person, who is dependent on AT.)

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You are correct Jaws doesn't react to changes with aria-live set to off. But
in some cases I am seeing the previous page in Jaws's virtual buffer even
though I know the page has actually changed. That's what I am confused
about. I understand why Jaws isn't reading the whole change, but I don't
understand why when arrowing through the document Jaws continues to see old
content. It seems that going into forms mode or whatever they call that now
and going back out of it fixes the problem.

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If aria-live ist set to "off" (default), the screen reader must not react on
changes in the live region:
Do I understand you right that jaws reacts on changes in firefox, although
aria-live is set to "off"?
Just tested a side with a live-region with no aria-live attribute =
aria-live="off" (since this is the default value).
Jaws 18 did not announce changes in Firefox 64.

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Betreff: [WebAIM] firefox and jaws with aria

I am a blind we developer learning angular. I have a slight problem with my
app. I just have a small app that I am playing around with right now to get
the feel of things, and I have a few angular components that I am navigating
through. I have the div around the content that is changing set to
aria-live="off" for now. I have noticed sometimes the changes are picked up
by Jaws, and sometimes I have to do an insert escape to refresh the screen
before Jaws will see the changes in firefox. Jaws and NVDA work better in
chrome. Is this a known Jaws/firefox issue? Is there something I'm doing
wrong? I'm kind of new at the whole aria thing. I know it's hard to diagnose
without seeing code, but not sure the best way to share so perhaps some
general pointers would be helpful. Sorry for the beginner question.