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Re: MathML and simple maths content


From: Brian Kardell
Date: May 29, 2019 11:22AM

On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 9:29 AM Birkir R. Gunnarsson <
<EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> MathML support is spotty/inconsistent and sometimes downright missing.
> Kepe inmind that IE11 is eventually going to g away, probably in a
> matter of years, so we, as a community must focus on
> Chrome/Firefox/Edge (which will run on Chomium).

I'd like to add to this that mathml has a complex history and suffered a
series of very unfortunate events which I wrote about on my blog
https://bkardell.com/blog/Math.html, if you are interested in the context
around this, including the current state an efforts.

To sum up a TL;DR of the current state:

My organization, Igalia, contributes (in the code sense) to all of the
browsers and has been working with Chrome developers for a few years to
work out some kind of proposal. There was some general agreement of a
plan. We began a fundraising campaign https://mathml.igalia.com/. We
received initial funding from the NISO through a grant from the Alfred P
Sloan Foundation. This plan was sent for review to the W3C's Technical
Architecture Group (https://github.com/w3ctag/design-reviews/issues/313),
and feedback seems positive. There is an active community group doing all
of the necessary spec work and hard decisions involved in the plan
https://mathml-refresh.github.io/ . Part of this work is to ensure
interoperability between implementations as well. Our implementation of
this work in Chrome is making good progress as you can see here
and we would love for more people and organizations to be involved. If
you, or your organization thinks this is important work and would like to
chat about how you can help, feel free to reach out.

Brian Kardell :: @briankardell :: bkardell.com