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Re: accessibility of dokeos eLearning platform


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Sep 19, 2019 11:51AM

I recommend D2L aka Desire 2 Learn as they have a long commitment to
accessibility. I belong to their monthly accessibility discussion group and
years ago when they were first moving into accessibility, did a day long
workshop on accessible UI. What impressed me was (and still does) is that
once I pointed out accessibility barriers, went for coffee and came back,
their developers had most of them fixed for the next release. They are
always open to accessibility suggestions and often have accessibility
sessions at their annual user conference.

Unfortunately my academic institution is moving from D2L to Canvas and I'm a
bit nervous about it but hear that Canvas does have an accessibility group
and is interested in improving accessibility.

Another LMS that is working on accessibility and has the ALLY add-in to help
students access inaccessible content, is Blackboard.

These are the top three LMS's and I would rank D2L first with Canvas and
Blackboard tied for second. D2L includes accessibility for those of us
instructors with disabilities as well as students with disabilities while
most other LMS are still focused on students with disabilities which leaves
those of us who are teaching out of the accessibility loop.

I'm anxious to see how accessible the teacher/instructor UI is with Canvas.

BGTW, Canvas Bridge for Teams which is a by product LMS for business is
horrible in terms of accessibility for everyone.

Cheers, Karen

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Hi again Pratik,
One follow-up question to this, if I may. Considering your vast knowledge in
accessibility, what e-learning platforms would you recommend? Which ones
support best accessibility? And if anyone else wants to chime in here, the
more the merrier.

--Catherine Roywww.catherine-roy.net

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Hello Catherine,

We evaluated this platform for a client a few months ago. We found
significant concerns regarding the platform and its ability to generate
accessible content including videos with captioning. While I can't share the
entire set of results, I can tell you that the summary was conclusive enough
for us to recommend that our client not use this platform for employee



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Subject: [WebAIM] accessibility of dokeos elearning platform


Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the elearning platform
dokeos? Does it offer any accessibility?




Catherine Roy