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Re: mathml in nested div with role=button not read by JAWS


From: Mallory
Date: Sep 19, 2020 3:04AM

For a test, we had a vertical list of radio controls with A, B, C, D etc next to them as labels.
Then another vertical list next to that, with like
A. [formula 1]
B. [formula 2]

On Thu, Sep 17, 2020, at 7:48 PM, Mike Warner wrote:
> Thanks, Mallory and Michael! I'm unsure of the best way to build the
> legend (like map legend, not legend tag) you mention. Can you describe it
> a bit more?
> I created a quick band-aid that removed the role=button and appended an
> off-screen div that said to click it to select this answer (worded nicer
> that I explained),. This worked with JAWS, had no impact on NVDA (it still
> read the math fine), but for some reason, VoiceOver stopped reading the
> mathml with that change.
> I really wish these AT companies would collaborate! It's like we're back
> at Netscape vs Internet Explorer.
> Thanks again,
> Mike
> Mike Warner
> Director of IT Services
> MindEdge, Inc.
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