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Vertical text


From: James Buller
Date: Feb 8, 2021 11:09AM

Is there anything new on this?
I've seen a couple of things with angled/slanted or even vertical text but not had any formal basis to object.
They have tended to be on diagrams or posters.
Any thoughts on acceptable maximums?
How would one go about proposing it? Its similar in concept to WCAG 1.3.4: Orientation
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> it's also unlikely to work with many text to speech tool

CSS transform is just styling. It does not affect the source of the text
so text-to-speech should not be affected.

> Would it fail Meaningful Sequence?

Again, the CSS is just styling so should not affect the reading
order/sequence. The DOM is still the same order.

That doesn't mean vertical text is not hard to read but I'm not sure I see
a strict failure.
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