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Re: Audio description in WCAG 2.1 AA success criterion1.2.5


From: Steve Green
Date: Apr 23, 2021 2:05AM

As the original poster, I entirely agree with Glen's comments. When discussing a specific point, it's not helpful if the discussion gets diverted. For the purpose of this discussion, I am not interested in whether providing AD is difficult or if visual content might not be essential. The starting point is that we have determined that it is essential.

I just wanted to see if there is a consensus as to whether the absence of gaps in the audio provides a get-out. It seems that the consensus in this forum is that it doesn't. Which leaves me wondering why every written reference I can find says that it does.


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On 23/04/2021 08:54, glen walker wrote:
> The original question was whether gaps are a prerequisite or an "out"
> for needing AD. The SC does not imply that at all.

Which we had established, yes.

> The side discussions on whether you need to re-record or create freeze
> frames or whether a non-visual action needs to be described or whether
> AD is an undue burden are interesting but tangential to the crux of
> the question.

You playing discussion police? Should we have changed the subject line of the email?

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