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Site Map, Bobby, and WCAG 13.1


From: Michael Moore
Date: Jul 21, 2004 4:00PM

I have an
interesting delima. I am working on a new web site for our organization
and am including a site map. My problem is this: Within major
sections of the site which provide resources relating to different programs that
we sponsor I have subnavigation menus that are very similar. A program may
include training so there is a link to training for example. This does not
pose a problem for the pages within the section. However when those links
are listed within the site map there is an issue - several links that say
Bobby correctly
flagged this problem as a violation of WCAG 13.1.
A visitor using a
screen reader who visits the site map then uses the link list feature of their
browser will be confused by the duplicate named links. However, to add the
program name to all of the links relating to that program would likely be very
annoying as well.
Any suggestions from
this group?