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Re: Ignoring next keypress on MAC with VoiceOver


From: allyssa jessicon
Date: Nov 16, 2022 4:14AM

Thanks everybody. That helps and knowledgeable.

On 11/4/22, glen walker < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> I forgot about locking the VO modifier key. Nice, Alexander. I don't use
> that key very often. Usually you have to press Control plus Option (or
> CapsLock) plus the key to perform an action such as VO plus Command plus H
> to navigate to the next heading. But if you're going to navigate
> frequently, you might want to lock the VO key on so that you only have to
> press Command plus H. You do that with VO plus semicolon. That locks or
> unlocks the VO modifier.
> If the VO key is locked on, then a simple Tab key becomes VO plus Tab,
> which is the shortcut for sending the next key sequence to the app instead
> of to VoiceOver and thus you'd hear "ignoring next keypress" when you
> simply pressed Tab. You might have accidentally hit Control plus Option
> plus semicolon (or CapsLock plus semicolon) and locked the VO modifier
> key. Pressing Control plus Option plus semicolon should unlock the VO
> modifier and Tab should be Tab again.
> On Fri, Nov 4, 2022 at 9:14 AM Alexander Zelenov < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> Hello, allyssa!
>> Most likely, the VO keys were blocked. Press VO+; to fix the problem.
> > > > >