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some more questions


From: Sampath
Date: Jul 30, 2004 12:41PM

Hi Glenda

thanks for your reply and i have some questions regarding web accessibility for disabled persons

1.now i am using IBM home Page reader for web accessibilty for disabled persons....but its not supporting for some web sites. for instance www.fh-kiel.de (where i am doing research) in this web iste we used some popup menus also.but while using this IBM HOME page reader its not reading pop up menus as well as its not recognising images also in web page...

2.is there any restrictions and rules and regulations for developing web sites for disabled persons as well as normal persons..i mean java script,HTML script as well as any images....read by IBM Hom ePage reader

3.even i look the techniques and concepts from www.webaim.org and i tried with some techniques for instance for Key board short cuts for screen readers...and i checked with IBM Home Page reader...but its not working properly with those short cut keys...as you mentioned there

s = stop sound
r = read page from current location
t = move to next link
Shift + t = move to previous link
d = move down one line
Shift + d = page down
u = move up one line
Shift + u = page up
ENTER = follow link
c = show/hide captions
i = hide/show screenshot
b = back
f = forward
q = quit simulation

its not supporting with these IBM home Page reader....

4.could you provide me the guidelines for developers to make more effective for disabled persons..which supports IBM Home page reader

5.where can i get documentation for developers for disabled persons

6.is there any training for this

i think so i am trobling you

thanking you in advance