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Re: Insertion Point while editing


From: tim.harshbarger@deque.com
Date: Dec 2, 2022 10:30AM

One thing to keep in mind with screen readers is that they don't always just announce information in text. There are many screen readers that will announce to the user when they reach the start or end of the field by playing a sound. Also, they may announce where they are inside a text field by announcing the current character where the insertion point is at.

On a mobile device, the way someone would move through a text field with a screen reader would likely involve changing the unit of movement between settings like character, word, line, etc and then using gestures to move through the text field.

Also, if you are testing both on Android and iOS, don't expect the screen readers to say the same things. While they communicate similar types of information, each screen reader tends to communicate that information they feel is most useful to their users.


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On 02/12/2022 10:31, allyssa jessicon wrote:
> This is not a WCAG violation.
> Patrick, are you trying to say the insertion point in a webpage is
> controlled by OS/AT/Browser and when it comes to the mobile platform
> iOS/Android, its not controllable by application dev and so is a
> Section 508 failure?

Not just mobile platform, but relates to actual software products in general (which may be implementing their own input handling etc from basic principles, so need to make sure they communicate information correctly to assistive technologies...something that, for web content, is handled already by the browser/OS)

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