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Re: ASP.Net Viewstate


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Jan 28, 2005 8:06AM

> In fact any Asp.Net accessibility articles/links would be of great
> interest - we are using Visual Studio.

The current version of VS.net and ASP.net doesn't try too hard to worry
about things like accessibility and standards compliant markup. VS.net will
mangle your HTML and a lot of the built in .net controls (like datagrids)
don't, by default, produce very accessible table structures.

That said, you can work around most of these with some effort. Supposedly,
the new versions of both VS.net and ASP.net will be addressing a lot of
these issues.

I don't think the viewstate poses an accessibility issue, but it can cause
validation problems:


In fact, the above site is all about .net and web standards (which, while
not directly about accessibility, goes a step in that direction)