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Re: WCAG 2.0 and resizing text


From: Michael Moore
Date: Feb 22, 2005 6:25AM

morrison.ben wrote:
> sorry i missed the point of your question.
> Doesnt hurt to include such an option, or at least explain to users
> how to change font sizes in a accessibilty link. But making it a
> priority seems a bit harsh.
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Not sure if it will be a priority in the final draft but as it is
discussed here it is a level 3 priority (nice to do) as opposed to level
1 (must do) or even level 2 (should do). Level 3 priorities
should be considered in the context of emerging technologies, target
audience, usability effects etc. Use them like using javaScript and
other technologies, so that they enhance usability/accessibility, no
need to follow them as if they are the law. There instances in the
current guidelines where applying them no longer adds anything to
accessibility. One example using a printable non-link character between
adjacent links, placing links in lists is a better solution due to
improvements in assistive technologies.