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Re: Flashy dilemma


From: Webmaster
Date: Apr 14, 2005 9:27AM

I agree. Though once the spam filter filtered out the e-mail message,
which I was waiting for :o(

It can hurt also a website developer, after people start complaining of
the spam surge. There may be colleagues who understand very little in
problems of the Internet and they may place the blame wrongly. Besides
sorting out spam is also undesirable for people using assistive technology.

brgds A.

Christian Heilmann wrote:

>> On 4/14/05, Webmaster < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>>>>I have the impression that you published a lot of e-mail addresses in
>>>>plain "mailto:" format. You may use something like this (or there are
>>>>other more sophisticated techniques):
>>>><a href="mailto:
>>>>- the e-mail address will still look normal to visitors, but it will
>>>>make life a bit more difficult to spammers, who collect e-mail addresses
>>>from pages automatically.
>> It did make their life difficult some years ago, but they are far beyond that.
>>>>Or are we at the point of eliminating spam completely? If not than it
>>>>will save some time to all those people looking through uninvited ads
>>>>via e-mail.
>> A good spamfilter on the server is the only option - unless you want
>> to go through an email form instead. Almost every "spam protection
>> technique" on the client side hurts normal users more than spammers -
>> especially those using assistive technology.