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Re: Flashy dilemma


From: Chris Price
Date: Apr 14, 2005 9:54AM

On 14/4/05 7:16 am, "Webmaster" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>> As for me, I like these scrolling images. My opinion - is that it is a
>> rare occasion when flash animation does something useful. In this case I
>> could see all those interesting people at once. A.
>>>> Those scrolling images are totally distracting and counter productive and do
>>>> not communicate the message of the site.
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The scrolling images are an accessibility issue in that the distracting
movement pulls your attention away from the text. The page makes me feel
slightly queezy so I find it inaccessible.

Used well, Flash can be very effective and Macromedia have put a lot of time
into making it more accessible. The use of Flash on this site just
demonstrates lack of imagination.

-- Chris Price Choctaw <EMAIL REMOVED> http://www.choctaw.co.uk