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Re: Microsoft Word question


From: Webmaster
Date: Apr 20, 2005 10:33AM

I use OpenOffice to view downloaded Word documents. It works fine. It is
available for Windows and Linux OSs. I use OpenOffice because I hope
that if a downloaded document contains a malicious code or macro it is
less likely to be triggered in the Open Office. Still I try not to open
any documents downloaded from the web unless I must.

I do not see too much work to convert a Word document into the HTML file
even manually. The only problem is to take out the photo from the Word
document. But I did it last time about year ago.

brgds Alex

Robinson, Norman B - Washington, DC wrote:

>> Dan,
>> I always start out with "what is 508 compliant"? Rather than answer your
>> question directly, which sections of the technical standard applies?
>> 1. MS Word documents can be 508 Compliant. They *can* be more
>> 'accessible' than the PDF. MS Word viewers exist and are available from
>> Microsoft to address your users that don't own MS Word on the *Windows
>> Operating System*. Other viewers work on other operating systems (e.g.,
>> OpenOffice) and can open MS Word format documents. The question is, how
>> will you provide access or address users that don't have access to a
>> reader, converter, or choose not to use MS Word?
>> Our corporate policy is to always have an alternate version for all
>> documents available; "that alternate format may be an HTML, plain text,
>> or rich text format (RTF) file. For *internal* sites only, the alternate
>> format may also be one of the native formats used by the Postal Service
>> for its standard suite of office products (i.e., Microsoft Word