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CMS and Dublin Core Metadata


From: Eoin Campbell
Date: Jun 28, 2005 2:31AM

Here in Ireland, the Irish government has developed a profile of Dublin Core called
Irish Public Sector Metadata Standard
(cf. http://www.gov.ie/webstandards/metastandards/index.html), and
specifies that it be used on all public websites.
Therefore a number of CMSs developed by Irish companies do support the manual addition
and maintenance of metadata using the page-editing interface.
Most of the metadata is automatically generated or common boilerplate text though.
One example is pTools (www.ptools.com), who recently developed the website www.assistireland.ie,
but I think there are others.

We were involved as 3rd-party QA consultants for this project, so we're not affiliated to them.

At 19:00 27/06/2005, David Morris wrote:

>Does anyone know of a content management system that allows content editors to add Dublin Core Metadata to each individual page?
>I am in charge of creating a website for a University Department that must meet all of the Section 508 standards as well as include these requirements:

I notice that this appendix defines metadata field names incorrectly, an easy mistake to
make when reading the official Dublin Core standard, which isn't as clear as it should be. The field
"DC.DateCreated" should be "DC.Date.created", and
"DC.DateLastModified" should be "DC.Date.modified".

Here is a complete example, taken from the IPSMS pages.

<meta name="DC.Title" content="Guidelines on Preparing Safety Statements and Carrying Out Risk Assessments">
<meta name="DC.Creator" content="Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. Basis Project ">
<meta name="DC.Subject" content="health and safety">
<meta name="DC.Subject" scheme="PST" content="occupational safety">
<meta name="DC.Subject" scheme="PST" content="safety statements">
<meta name="DC.Subject" scheme="PST" content="workplace safety">
<meta name="DC.Description" content=" Guidelines for employers on the management of workplace health and safety, the preparation of safety statements, and the carrying out of risk assessments">
<meta name="DC.Publisher" content="Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment">
<meta name="DC.Date.created" content="2000-01-28">
<meta name="DC.Date.modified" content="2001-05-09">
<meta name="DC.Type" scheme="IPSDT" content="guidelines">
<meta name="DC.Format" content="text/html">
<meta name="DC.Identifier" content="http://www.basis.ie/sub1/riskasse.htm">
<meta name="DC.Source" content="http://www.hsa.ie">
<meta name="DC.Language" content="en">
<meta name="DC.Coverage" content="Ireland">
<meta name="DC.Rights" content="Copyright 2000 Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment">

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