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From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Jun 28, 2005 9:42AM

> They can issue standards on anything they want, including how
> many chocolate chips are standard in a half-kilogram bag of
> chocolate-chip cookies. However, I think this 'standard'
> being revered as anything more than just a renamed
> recommendation goes against the open nature of the World Wide
> Web

Reading this discussion, I'm struggling with 'what's the point of ISO HTML?'

Was there a problem out there that they were trying to resolve with an ISO

Seems more like a 'hey...here's something we haven't put together an
arbitrary standard for yet...get on that!' thing.

> If ISO-html goes beyond W3C recommendations, it goes too far.
> If ISO-html stops short of W3C recommendations, it doesn't
> go far enough.
> If ISO-html matches W3C recommendations specifically, why bother?

I completely agree.