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RE: Accessibility issues and AJAX


From: Michael R. Burks
Date: Nov 30, 2005 12:20PM


That is a great question. One of my concerns is this seems to be catching
on, and I have not seem much about it, and how to make it accessible.
Excellent things can be done with this, and as it is not really new
technology, but mostly a combination of existing technologies, I would think
there would be some things that would help to make some of the things it
does accessible. Hopefully WebAIM is looking at this and will come up with
something like the terrific paper they produced on JavaScript!

Disabling the scripting is not just an accessiblity issue, but these days it
is also a security issue to prevent things like Phishing...


Mike Burks

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I figure that it is moving closer to the analogy of command-line vs. GUI
applications such as the example on Linux of applications that run in a
shell _AND_ GUI. I make that analogy because of the issue with scripting
and Section 508 requirements that applications still function without
scripting. How would AJAX function with scripting disabled?



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Subject: [WebAIM] Accessibility issues and AJAX

At the risk of sounding a bit ignorant, does anyone have any thoughts or
observations on accessibility issues and AJAX?

There is a pretty good article about it at:


Mike Burks