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Re: Content Management Systems


From: Tim Beadle
Date: Jan 27, 2006 9:30AM

On 27/01/06, John E. Brandt < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> I'm wondering if any one has any reviews on content management systems that
> produce valid code and accessible designs. Most of the ones I've looked at
> use XML/XHTML which would lead you to believe that there is "well formed"
> code present and accessibility valued. However, most of the websites
> designed with CMS I have looked at have suffered from some bad coding and
> accessibility errors. I'd like to have a few to recommend to clients.
> Any suggestions?


"Drupal is Section 508 and WCAG Priority 1, 2, 3 compliant.

Strict coding standards have been used to keep Drupal's data, logic
and presentation separate from each other. This means that the mark-up
of all of Drupal's output is completely controlled by the
application's presentation layer, known as the 'theme'.

The accessibility compliance of a Drupal powered site depends on which
theme is being used."