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skip navigation question


From: smithj7
Date: Apr 14, 2006 5:00PM

Another baby question.... but very important to usablity of site.

I work for a state agency that is under a parent oganization which is
under a portal. So I have to put alot of navigation, which the users of
the site just don't care about. Then within main site, we are really
have mini sites. For example, many of our library readers aren't even
blind, so they book mark the library section of the site. Then we have
managers who are blind that don't care about anything but material that
is related to blind vendors. So they bookmark that part of the site.

Because I have control of my local menu (many of the folks in our parent
organization do not), while including all the parent navigation, I also
included specialized links for these "mini sites" without including the
text of another "mini site's menu". In my new design I've grouped the
required links as "main menu" and the specialized link for the mini site
is grouped as "local menu".

If I use skip to content, the local menu might be skipped which is
really like a table of contents to the "mini site". If I send the folks
to including the local menu, frequent users that use speech might be

Should I add two "skip" links: Go to local menu and go to content? or
should I just keep using skip navigation which sends the person to the
content of the page?