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Re: accessibility for deaf


From: Christian Heilmann
Date: Apr 19, 2006 2:50AM

> > I am curious about what is done to make web pages or other
> > media accessible
> > for deaf users.
> Off the top of my head, I can think of three:
> * use clear and simple language, as english (or whatever) may
> not be the user's first language (may be sign language)

Well, that is a good idea in any web content.

> * If using any kind of multimedia (video, audio, flash) use
> captions (both for spoken words and non-speech information)

I think that is the only real practical scenario where there is a real
strong need for a change of the product to help deaf users. It is
never a good plan to rely on audio alone to offer any functionality,
content or send warnings. I for one never have audio on on this laptop
as we listen to the radio at the office.

> * (Budget permitting) provide content of web pages/document
> in sign language; add signing to other multimedia resources

Isn't the next issue there that there is no international sign
language, but that you'd need to localise the sign language version

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