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Re: accessibility for deaf


From: Penny Roberts
Date: Apr 19, 2006 3:20AM

Christian Heilmann wrote:
>> * If using any kind of multimedia (video, audio, flash) use
>> captions (both for spoken words and non-speech information)
> I think that is the only real practical scenario where there is a real
> strong need for a change of the product to help deaf users. It is
> never a good plan to rely on audio alone to offer any functionality,
> content or send warnings. I for one never have audio on on this laptop
> as we listen to the radio at the office.

I visited a site the other day which started with a message along the
lines of "You must have sound enabled to use this site". I've no idea
what gems of information were in the audio - here in the library system
nearly all machines have sound disabled :-)