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RE: accessibility for deaf


From: zara
Date: Apr 22, 2006 6:10PM

> > So unless you are expressly addressing an international audience, this
> should not be a problem or am I missing something ?
> The "world" in world wide web? :-)

Your answer does not surprise me but if the "World" in World Wide Web was truly considered, a diversity of languages would be more promoted rather than more and more organisations feeling pressured to publish in English.

I understand the international aspect of the Web, that anyone from anywhere can land on any page that is public. But as a person whose native language is French, when I surf Web sites from the US or other English-speaking countries, or Web sites from Scandinavia or Spain or Germany, etc., I do not expect them to offer up French content. I expect them to offer first and foremost content according to official languages of that country. I doubt deaf people in Qu