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Re: Question for the WebAIM group


From: Leonard R. Kasday
Date: Aug 30, 2000 3:17PM

For some types of tests, at least those involving numbers, it's possible to
generate random variations. For example, if you've got a ball rolling down
an inclined plane, you can randomly generate the angle and length of the
plane. Students can still "cheat" by sharing the method, but at least they
can't just copy the final answer. (and depending on classroom strategy,
sharing the method might not be considered "cheating").
This requires hooks for programmatic generation of web pages. Probably the
simplest is to use asp or php servers, in which you can write an ordinary
HTML web page with little pieces of code replacing selected parts, e.g. in
the above example, the angle and height.
For tests that aren't simply numerical... this might not apply.