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Featured Article

Using FrontPage 2003 to Create Accessible Content

Author: Jon Whiting (WebAIM)

FrontPage is one of the most popular HTML editors on the market. There are several reasons for this:

  • The price is relatively low when compared to Dreamweaver or many other editors.
  • Its MS Office interface will be familiar to many people.
  • It has a powerful Spell Checker and other proofing tools.
  • It integrates with Office products like Word.

FrontPage 2003 includes an accessibility checker as one of its new features. Many of the techniques presented in this article are possible in FrontPage 2000 through 2003. Read the full article: Using FrontPage 2003 to Create Accessible Content

On Target Tip

CSS and Round Corners: Build Accessible Menu Tabs

In this article, Trenton Moss guides you through the steps of creating accessible menu tabs with round corners.

How Can I Select a Web Accessibility Software Tool?

With so many software products available for Web developers to evaluate the accessibility of their site, how do you choose? In this article, the National Center on Accessibile Information Technology helps you answer this question. Although it was specifically written for Web administrators at educational entities, its guiding principles can be applied to anyone choosing the Web accessibility software tool that is right for them.

How To Really Do Screen Reader Testing

In her WebLog, Sara Ford guides you through the eight steps of her screen reader testing model. Included at the end of the article are comments from others.

On Target Resources

Overview: Planning Web Accessibility Training

This collection of resources was developed by WC3 to help you plan a Web accessibility training for any type of audience. You can find information from analyzing your audience to creating objectives. There are examples of curriculum and suggested modules. You can also read tips from various Web accessibility trainers.

Reading Effectiveness Tool

When writing content for the Web, several considerations need to be made. Your audience may include individuals with reading disabilities and those who use screen readers. The Clear Language and Design (CLAD) Reading Effectiveness Tool can help you evaluate your content to see if it is appropriate for your audience.

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