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Featured Article

The Importance of Human Evaluation
by WebAIM

The two basic approaches to accessibility evaluation are:

  1. Use a software tool
  2. Use a human evaluator

Usually the best approach is to use both a software tool and a human evaluator. Each approach has strengths and weaknesses which complement the others and form a more complete approach to web accessibility evaluation. People with disabilities can be especially valuable as accessibility evaluators.

Read the full article: The Importance of Human Evaluation

On Target News

WebAIM Hopes to See You at CSUN

CSUN Center on Disabilities' 21st Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference will be March 20-25, 2006.

WebAIM will present a pre-conference workshop on Tuesday: "The Next Generation of Web Accessibility" and a general session on Friday: "User-Centered, Principle-Driven Web Design - Moving Beyond Accessibility Checklist And Validators".

We will also have an exhibit booth (number 335) in the Marriott Hotel. Be sure to stop by the WebAIM booth to check out our new products and services or enter a drawing to win a WAVE t-shirt.

New Website: Accessites.org

Accessites.org's mission is to showcase and provide awards-recognition for certain websites - and the developers and designers who make them - which shatter the misconception that accessible websites are boring and basic.

On Target Tips

Seven Accessibility Mistakes
by Christian Heilmann, in Digital Web Magazine

Christian Heilmann offers tips on how to avoid the major mistakes he encountered during his professional web developer career. Part 1 addresses the first 3 mistakes, Part 2 addresses the remainder.

On Target Resources

NCDAE Tips and Tools: Microsoft Word Factsheet
by Jonathan Whiting, National Center on Disability & Access to Education

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE) has recently published another in its series of factsheets, this time discussing how to increase the accessibility of Microsoft Word. WebAIM is a partner in the NCDAE.

Evaluation of WYSIWYG-editors
by Peter Krantz, Standards Schmandards

Inline visual editing components (WYSIWYG-editors) provide the foundation of most content management systems. Therefore, it is important that they provide functionality that enable content editors to create structured markup. In this article we take a look at seven popular editors and test them to see if they can be used to create basic accessible markup.

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