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This has been a busy month for WebAIM. We have presented at AUCD, Accessing Higher Ground and Refresh06, trained organizations, evaluated and redesigned sites for accessibility, traveled to South Korea, and ate an average of three pounds of turkey and 4 slices of pie per person. All of this activity has pushed the newsletter date back a bit.

So here is our November Newsletter, on the last day of the month. We promise to send the December Newsletter before New Years Eve.


Browser Updates

Last month's browser updates have sparked a few comments in the web accessibility world. Here are just a couple:

NCDAE News Feed

If you are interested in accessibility-related news, you may want to subscribe to the National Center on Disability & Access to Education news feed. NCDAE is a partner with WebAIM.

Tips and Resources

Firefox: An open source accessibility success story
by Aaron Leventhal on www-03.ibm.com/able/, also highlighted on the WebAIM Blog

Aaron Leventhal of IBM discusses the exciting past and present of Mozilla accessibility, including the grant program.

Click here and other meaningless link phrases
by Roger Johansson on 456bereastreet.com

Roger Johansson gives several examples of common meaningless link phrases.

Nikita the Spider
by Philip Semanchuk

Nikita is a service that validates and link checks your entire website and reports on the findings. This validator is currently in an alpha testing phase and all services are free.

Don't Provide an Accessibility Statement
by Peter Krantz on standards-schmandards.com

Contrary to many articles about accessibility statements, this article will try to make two points: 1. accessibility statements are often pointless and 2. you are better off with a "site help" if you think your target audience need it. Also related: Accessibility statements or Site help pages? on 456bereastreet.com.

November 16-18: Refresh the Web WebAIM Presentation

The Refresh the Web conference, was November 16-18 in Orlando. Read about Jared Smith's experience and view his presentation notes.

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