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Steppingstones Literature Review Summary

A summary of an extensive literature review which analyzed recommendations regarding cognitive and learning disabilities and technology accessibility.


The Survey, 2008

A List Apart is calling for all who are involved in making websites to complete their survey. Let's ensure that accessibility is well represented in this survey.

WebAIM Training Dates

Join WebAIM's accessibility experts for two days of intensive, hands-on web accessibility training October 1-2.

Tips and Resources

Social Accessibility - Threes a Crowd?

After a short explanation, Steve Faulkner refers readers to Blindconfidential's Time For Cooperation post.

Opera Web Standards Curriculum

The curriculum is intended to provide a comprehensive set of tutorials designed to raise the level of education and Web Standards awareness.

Language, Abbreviations, and Quotes

This Webaxe podcast covers the markup for language, abbreviations, and quotes.

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