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Featured Article

PDF Accessibility

WebAIM has updated our popular PDF Accessibility article. This article provides most everything you need to know to create and edit accessible Adobe PDF documents.


WCAG 2.0 Advances to Candidate Recommendation

WCAG 2.0 has been advanced to candidate recommendation status. This indicates that the guidelines are mostly complete, although the working group continues to welcome feedback and implementation documentation.

WebAIM Training

The next in WebAIM's series of hands-on web accessibility trainings is coming in just a few weeks - June 11th and 12th in Logan, Utah.

Tips and Resources

Accessibility Evaluators Aren't Worthless

Mike Cherim encourages those who love accessibility evaluators not to overly depend on them, those who hate them to stop being haters, and those who don't understand them to have an open mind.

Best Practices: Writing for Accessibility

Disregarding issues concerning the use of abbreviations, typography, headings, and other semantic structures in HTML, the simple use of punctuation can be a significant barrier.

Making Twitter Tweet - Using the TPG Notifier

Steve Faulkner shares the preferences module he conceived along with Hans Hillen and Gez Lemon.

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