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WebAIM Screen Reader Survey Results

The initial results of our survey of preferences of screen reader users are now available. With over 1100 respondents, these results provide a unique and detailed insight into screen reader users and web accessibility.


WebAIM Training

Only a couple weeks remain to register for the WebAIM web accessibility training February 18-19, 2009.

Tips and Resources

Color Contrast Checker

Jared Smith has recently developed a tool to check color contrast.

WCAG 2.0 Checklist

WebAIM's easy-to-use, understandable checklist for evaluating or implementing WCAG 2.0.

15 Tools If You Are (Not) Colorblind

An overview of available software and websites both for those suffering from and designing for color blindness.

Headings, heading hierarchy, and document outlines

Roger Johansson poses questions about using headings for site logos and/or main level page titles. An interesting discussion ensues.

Requiring the alt Attribute in HTML5

Gez Lemon provides a list of pros and cons about making the alt attribute required in HTML 5.

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