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Using VoiceOver to Evaluate Web Accessibility

VoiceOver is a screen reader on Apple computers, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. This article teaches the basics of using and evaluating web content using VoiceOver.


Meeting WCAG 2.0 with Flash

A collection of techniques to make Flash WCAG 2.0 conformant.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM has scheduled our next two-day training for March 2-3, 2011.

Tips and Resources

10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn't Commit

Some of the most common and overlooked usability (and accessibility) mistakes brought to light.

Is Hiding Text with CSS Bad for Accessibility with SEO?

Roger Johansson of 456 Berea Street discusses SEO and hidden text.

End Hover Abuse

A call to arms to end the overuse of hover.

Color Blindness Myths and Misunderstandings

Joe Dolson clarifies common misunderstandings regarding color blindness.

HTML5 Accessibility

A listing of browser support for HTML5 accessible features.

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