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Newsletter Archives - January 2011


Updated PDF Accessibility Article

WebAIM's PDF article has been updated to include Acrobat X.

WebAIM's ADA ANPRM Response

WebAIM's comments on proposed changes to include web accessibility in the American's with Disabilities Act.


NFB Announces Agreement with Travelocity

NFB announced on Jan. 17 their agreement with Travelocity. Under the agreement, Travelocity will make the majority their site accessible by July 1, 2011, and finish by March 30, 2012.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Only one month remains to register for WebAIM's next two-day training - March 2-3, 2011.

Tips and Resources

How Proper Use of Headings Will Make Your Website More Accessible

Rob Mills explains the importance of the correct use of headings for accessibility.

25 Tips for Making Your Website More Accessible

Dennis Lembree's basic guide to begin making your website more accessible.

20 Essential Tools and Tips to an Accessible Website

Use these tools (including WebAIM's WAVE tool) to simplify your goal of an accessible website.

Top Posts of 2010 from Accessibility Forum 2.0 Blog

A roundup of the most popular posts in 2010 on the Accessibility Forum 2.0 Blog

Programmatically Determined

Jason Kiss defines and explains the importance of "programmatically determined" markup for a more accessible website.

HTML5 Accessibility

Steven Faulkner has updated his listing of HTML5 user interface accessibility features that are currently supported in browsers.

Quick Tip: Page Titles

Providing a descriptive, succinct page title is important for accessibility. The page title (usually appears at the very top of the browser window) is the first thing seen by sighted users, is the first thing read by screen readers, and is used by people and search engines to determine the content of the page. Because the page title is read on each page, it should be short (generally no more than a few words). The site name and other information may be included in the page title if it is succinct and informative (e.g., "Acme, Inc.: Order Form"),

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