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Semantic Automation

The WebAIM blog explores the benefits and potential disadvantages of having assistive technology automatically fix accessibility issues.


Delays in Section 508 Updates

The U.S. Access Board announced this month that a new draft of the Section 508 guidelines will be released in the coming weeks, followed by another round of public comment. They indicate that updates to the Section 508 guidelines should not be expected until at least Fall 2013.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM has scheduled our next two-day training for March 28-29, 2012.

Tips and Resources

Accessibility WordPress Plug-ins: what does it mean?

Joe Dolson gives an overview of WordPress Plug-ins, and how to make them accessible.

CAPTCHA Alternatives

Not all CAPTCHA's are created equal, and not all are accessible. Take a look at some alternatives from the classic CAPTCHA. Also see WebAIM's article on Spam-free Accessible Forms and John Foliot's call for Death to CAPTCHAs.

The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG 2: Information Relationships

A breakdown of one of WCAG 2.0's complex Information and Relationships Success Criterion.

Measuring Accessibility

The accessibility of a site isn't easily measured, but Roger Hudson has tackled the issue head on. Also see Roger's follow-up - Accessibility Barrier Scores.

Accessibility for Information Architects

Henny Swan provides tips for implementing web accessibility at the information architecture stage of development. Also see WebAIM's Web Accessibility for Designers.

Quick Tip: Hidden Screen Reader Content

By positioning content off the left side of the visible screen using CSS, it removes it from the visual presentation of the page, but allows it to still be read by a screen reader. Off-screen text should be used with care and generally only in cases where information or structure is apparent visually, but may not be readily accessible to a screen reader accessing it linearly. Content hidden with display:none or visibility:hidden in CSS is not read by a screen reader. For more information, see Invisible Content Just for Screen Reader Users.

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