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Rocket Surgery and Accessibility User Testing

Instead of doing accessibility user testing, it's best to do usability testing with users with disabilities.


Enhanced accessibility in Docs, Sites and Calendar

Google has announced improvements to Google Apps.

National Dialogue on Improving Federal Websites

Sign in and add recommendations or vote for ideas that you think will best improve accessibility of government web sites. The dialogue concludes this Friday, September 30th.

WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Only two weeks remain until the next WebAIM two-day training to be held October 12-13, 2011.


The Difference Between Inclusive Design and Web Accessibility

Sandi Wassimer highlights the differences between inclusive design and web accessibility.

Rough Guide: browsers, operating systems and screen reader support

A helpful guide for screen reader support in various browsers and operating systems.

Web Accessibility: Required, Not Optional

Web accessibility is a hot topic this year at EDUCAUSE annual national conference, as well as HighEdWeb in Austin, TX.

Language of Parts: Accessibility for Web Writers, part 12

A clarifying article of the best accessibility practices for using foreign languages.

Resources for Mobile Accessibility Guidelines

Henny Swan's excellent list of resources for those interested in mobile accessibility.

Quick Tip - Tabindex and Reading/Navigation Order

The underlying source code determines the default reading and navigation order of content in a web page. Tabindex can be used to specify a specific navigation order, but this does not affect the reading order through the page. Tabindex can almost always be avoided if the source code order is logical and intuitive. The reading and navigation order should usually closely follow the visual order of the page - generally left to right, top to bottom. For complex layouts, disabling styles or using the structure/order or text-only views in WAVE can allow you to easily determine default reading/navigation order.

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