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December 2012 Newsletter


WebAIM's 2012 Year in Review

We wish you happy holidays and reflect on the past year.


WebAIM Training

Only one month remains to sign up for the next WebAIM training to be held Tuesday and Wednesday, January 29-30 in Logan, Utah.

Announcing Achievements in Accessibility Awards

Now accepting nominations for the first annual Achievements in Accessibility Awards event, which will recognize excellence in web and IT accessibility initiatives by business, government, nonprofit, and educational entities. Open through December 28, 2012.


Colour Accessibility

Geri Coady's 24 Ways article explores colour blindness, color contrast, and reliance on color coding.

Improving accessibility can close digital divide

Rob Sinclair, Microsoft's Chief Accessibility Officer, writes how imperative it is that people with disabilities are not left behind in our increasingly interconnected world.

Accessibility for iPhone and iPad apps

Matt Gemmell explains how building accessible apps is easy using VoiceOver and Interface Builder.

Demystifying Accessibility

Dara Skolnick defines accessibility, emphasizes why accessibility is in the details, and talks about the importance of semantics.

Quick Tip: ARIA Alert Roles

ARIA role="alert" can be used for very important messages that a screen reader should read immediately, even if keyboard focus is not set to that element. ARIA alerts are typically triggered with scripting, such as when a critical form error has been detected. Because ARIA alerts are very intrusive (they read immediately regardless of screen reader status or focus position), they should be used with great care and only for very important messages.

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