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November 2012 Newsletter


Accessibility Improvements in Adobe Acrobat XI

WebAIM's Jonathan Whiting highlights many of the accessibility improvements to the recently released Acrobat XI Professional.


WebAIM Training

WebAIM's next web accessibility training will be held January 29-30 in Logan, Utah

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) progress

The U.S. Senate is on the verge of ratifying this landmark treaty. Please contact your legislators and urge them to pass this treaty which has already been ratified by 126 nations.


Yes, actually, it may be you one day

Karl Groves explains why the accessibility we implement now may be for our future selves.

Accessible custom checkboxes and radio buttons

Roger Johansson describes how to ensure accessibility for custom-styled checkboxes and radio buttons.

National Center on Disability and Access to Education Newsletter

In partnership with WebAIM, the NCDAE publishes a monthly newsletter on accessibility in higher education. November's focus was on legal issues. Consider subscribing.

Accessible Apps "More Usable by Everyone"

Accessibility on mobile devices doesn't just help people with disabilities; accessibility solves a lot of usability problems that many users don't realize that they have.

My recap of the Accessibility Day 2012 in Vienna, Austria

Marco Zehe gives a positive review of the European semi-annual A-Tag (Accessibility Day) conference.

Quick Tip: Link Type Indicators

It is a good idea to inform users when a link goes to non-HTML content (such as a PDF file or Word document). It can be frustrating to activate a link and then realize that the link requires an external program or viewer. An icon (with appropriate alternative text) or text, such as "(PDF)", is sufficient. Because screen reader users commonly navigate by links, it is vital that the link type indicator icon or text be placed within the link, otherwise this information is readily available to sighted users, but not presented in the context of the link for screen reader users.

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