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July 2013 Newsletter


WebAIM Advanced Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's next advanced web accessibility training will be held September 17-18 in Logan, Utah.

Celebrating 23 Years of the ADA

The Department of Justice blogged each day of the ADA's anniversary week about how the ADA has opened gateways for people with disabilities.


Learning to Love Headings in Microsoft Word

Jonathan Whiting of the National Center on Disability and Access to Education describes this vital accessibility feature for Word documents.

The Death Of Screen Reader Innovation and Screen Reader Failure: Innovation, Deterioration, Despair

Chris Hofstader provides an insider's perspective of the past, present, and future of screen reader innovation.

Make Your Widgets Sing with ARIA

This excellent presentation by Jason Kiss shows how to implement ARIA to make interactions more accessible.

The blind community's fight for a more accessible Web

"If you're serious about your business, you should be working at this. It's not an unsolvable problem."

A Few More Words on Accessible Dialogs/Modals

An easy-to-use JavaScript function for maintaining keyboard focus within modal dialog windows.

Quick Tip: HTML5 Main Element

HTML5 currently allows the newly defined <main> element to be used to identify the main content area of a web page. This element should be present on nearly all HTML5 pages. It can greatly facilitate navigation directly to the content area of pages by keyboard and screen reader users. For pages that are not yet HTML5, the ARIA role="main" can be added to the main content area to provide similar functionality.

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