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June 2013 Newsletter


WebAIM Advanced Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's next advanced web accessibility training will be held September 17-18 in Logan, Utah.

Draft BBC Mobile Accessibility Standards and Guidelines

The BBC has released this draft set of standards to guide development of highly accessible mobile content and applications.


What is PDF/UA all about, anyway?

Matt May provides an overview of the PDF/UA specification and its accessibility features.

Comparison of Browsers on HTML5 Video Accessibility

Accessibility of HTML5 video, including player controls and captions, is provided natively by the web browser. Terrill Thompson provides an overview of current support.

Ten blunt things I wish I could tell clients

Karl Groves, an accessibility consultant, outlines important items for web accessibility clients to know.

Personas in Accessibility

Steve Grobschmidt explains a modern approach to weaving personas (fictional persons based on your actual users) into your user experience design and testing.

Advancements in the accessibility of Facebook

Marco provides an overview of the many recent enhancements to accessibility of Facebook.

Quick Tip: Labeling ARIA Landmarks

ARIA landmarks can define significant web page areas (such as the main content, navigation, search, etc.) and provide navigation to them. In most cases, the type of landmark is sufficient to identify the page area (e.g., it is apparent that the search landmark is for search functionality). However, if a page contains more than one of the same type of landmark (e.g., multiple navigation sections), a label can be useful to differentiate them (e.g., main navigation, as opposed to sub-navigation). If a landmark begins with a heading, use aria-labelledby on the element to reference that heading. If not, you may use aria-label to provide a brief description.

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