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September 2013 Newsletter


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's last web accessibility training was a great success. We have scheduled our next session for January 14-15 in Logan, Utah.

jQuery Accessibility Summit

Join WebAIM's Jared Smith and others in the accessibility field at this 2-day event focusing on jQuery accessibility.


Open-source accessible mega menus

Adobe Accessibility has open-sourced their Mega Menu product for building highly accessible complex navigation menus.

The Incredible Accessible Modal Dialog

Greg Kraus provides code and details for building an accessible model dialog.

Google's Introduction to Web Accessibility course

Google's accessibility team is hosting this online training with a focus on Google Chrome tools. Also read the discussion about the course on the WebAIM list.

Why accessibility APIs matter

An in-depth discussion on the importance of assistive technologies using accessibility APIs.

Updated WCAG materials

The W3C has updated both the Understanding WCAG 2.0 and Techniques for WCAG 2.0 documents.

Quick Tip: Ambiguous Buttons

Much is written on the impact of ambiguous links (such as "click here") on accessibility. Modern web pages and web applications, however, seem to be increasing in the number of ambiguous "Go" buttons that are being used. Such buttons do not generally provide a description of what the button does. This is particularly troublesome when multiple "Go" buttons appear on the same page. Simply replacing "Go" with descriptive text (such as "Search" or "Sign In") provides a more accessible experience for all users.

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