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April 2014 Newsletter


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

WebAIM's May training is now full, but we are taking registrations for our August 12-13 session to be held in Logan, Utah.

Section 508 Refresh Timing - A brief update

An update on the slow progress of Section 508 updates.


Short note on alt in HTML

Steve Faulkner explains a divergence in requirements between WCAG 2 and HTML.

Learning to Focus

Heydon Pickering explores the need for and best practices for setting focus in web content.


Simple tips (one each day) on making web content more accessible to all.

Global Considerations in Creating an Organizational Web Accessibility Policy

David Sloan explores the diversity of international legislation and policy, and discusses trends that could inform a global web accessibility policy.

A Truly Accessible & Fully Responsive Framework

A newly released responsive, 508 compliant framework for beautiful, usable, rapid, and scalable deployment.

Quick Tip: ARIA Design Patterns

ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) defines a way to make complex interactive widgets accessible. When building an ARIA-enhanced widget (such as a slider or complex menu), it is vital that the keyboard interaction and defined ARIA attributes for that element follow prescribed guidelines so the user and assistive technologies know how to interact with it. The ARIA Specification outlines interaction design patterns for all ARIA elements at http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria-practices/#aria_ex

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