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April 2015 Newsletter


WebAIM Web Accessibility Training

Registration for the July 14-15 WebAIM training is now open.


UX accessibility with aria-label

Aria-label is a useful tool to ensure a good user experience for assistive technology users, elevating your design from merely technically compliant to well signposted and usable.

What the canvas element means for accessibility

Mark Sadecki discusses two features of HTML5's canvas element that help make it accessible to users with disabilities.

Accessibility and Inclusive Design In-Person Groups

A list of meetups and other gatherings focused on accessibility.

iOS and Android Screen Reader Gesture Reference Cheatsheet

Excellent guides for using mobile screen readers.

Accessibility support for CSS generated content

The CSS before/after pseudo-selectors can be used to insert content into a page. In some situations this technique is a useful thing to do, but how do browsers and screen readers handle the generated content?

Quick Tip: Quick Contrast Checking

While WCAG 2.0 outlines specific requirements for contrast between text and background colors, these can sometimes be difficult to test, though tools such as WAVE and WebAIM's contrast checker make this easier. Common sense and some basic testing can usually be used to identify potential contrast issues. Printing the page on a black/white printer, decreasing your screen brightness (this is particularly helpful on mobile devices), and even squinting while viewing the page can make contrast issues more apparent.

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